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Prescott Area Information

Welcome to Everybody’s Hometown! Prescott is known for its fantastic weather year round and friendly people. Prescott has been chosen for many years in a row as a top 10 preferred retirement town in the country. At an elevation of 5200 feet above sea level, Prescott’s perfect weather is perfect for many outdoor activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and many more. Prescott offers year round activities for every enthusiast, with a number of restaurants that are sure to satisfy any visitor’s desire. 

As a retirement community, Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley areas have much to offer. Also known as the Tri-City area, Prescott has been chosen by many retirees as their home because of the warm climate and variety of housing choices. You can live in town, in one of the beautiful Victorian style homes, or in an active adult 55+ community. 

Prescott also offers a great family oriented community. With great public and charter schools, Prescott gives you many options for giving the best to your family. Many events throughout the year are aimed towards families as well. Christmas is a favorite time for many families because of the beautiful Downtown Courthouse. Known as Arizona’s  “Christmas City”, during December, the Courthouse is decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights to create a cozy holiday environment. Many people from all over Arizona and the US come to be part of this extraordinary event every year. 


What Prescott has to Offer

Previously known as the capital of Arizona, Prescott is full of culture, history, and fun! Whether you prefer to stay in Downtown historic area and visit its museums, bars, and art galleries, or rather take a hike to the top of scenic Thumb Butte. Prescott has it all! 

With many miles to explore, Prescott National Forest has trails for every energy level. One of the best known trails is the Watson Lake. The Watson Lake trail will take you all around the lake and into the Dells, where you may spot a pronghorn or two taking an afternoon stroll. Just across one of the best universities in the country Embry Riddle, sits the Heritage Park Zoo. Situated on ten acres north of Prescott and overlooking the Willow Lake, this Zoo is also a sanctuary to many animals in danger. The sanctuary’s motto is “Conservation through education” and they pride themselves on educating their community to give a better life to animals. 

If you are looking for culture, just a couple of blocks from downtown sits the Sharlot Hall Museum. The Sharlot Hall Museum is known for its extensive collection of both Native American Indian and pioneer artifacts. The Phippen and Smoki Museums also hold many unique relics from Prescott and its celebrated past. The Highland Center for Natural History offers a more wild aspect to the history of Prescott, and it allows you to explore in depth the diversity of the area. 

Prescott downtown is also home to many restaurants and bars. Many restaurants in the area serve diverse and delicious food, perfect for every palate. Whether you are looking for food, or celebrating a night out with friends, Prescott has everything you need! From beautiful forests and hiking trails, museums filed with history, and restaurants to relax and enjoy, Prescott will make you feel right at home. 


Feel at home in the Quad Cities:

Located in central Arizona, the Quad cities include Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt. The area is full of thriving communities for every kind of lifestyle. Whether you prefer to have a private space all to yourself tucked away in The Dells, or a few open acres of the most stunning ranching property available you will “Feel at home”.

Types of property available but not limited to:

  • Single Family
  • Multi Family
  • Ranch & Horse Property
  • Farming
  • Townhomes 
  • Rentals

Prescott Area:

  • Prescott Lakes
  • Wildwood Estates
  • The Mountain Club
  • Williamson Valley

Prescott Valley Area:

  • Pronghorn Ranch
  • Stone Ridge
  • Granville
  • Quailwood

Chino Valley:

  • Bright Star Master Planned Community
  • Appaloosa Meadows



The Tri-City area may be a small community, but we are lucky to have a variety of high quality choices when it comes to education. From K-12 to college, Prescott has it all. Our community is known not only for having safe and fun communities, but also for being able to provide a variety of options for parents and families. Without going too far, near downtown Prescott sits Yavapai College and Prescott College. These two colleges offer quality education with a wide range of classes that are sure to please any enthusiast.

A couple of miles from Downtown Prescott is Embry Riddle. Better known for it’s Aerospace and Engineering degrees, Embry Riddle is an Arts and Science school that takes pride in being part of the Prescott community, with many of their activities and events being geared towards making our communities better and safer. Another option for the Tri-City area is Northern Arizona University (NAU). Known as one of the best universities in Northern Arizona, the NAU campus located in Prescott Valley provides high quality education at an affordable price.

Elementary and primary education in the Tri-city area are also plenty. Many great schools such as Basis, Skyview, and Northpoint provide great options for parents and kids. Basis schools has one of the best curriculum in the nation, providing kids with higher quality education. Skyview is an expeditionary school that allows kids to grow and learn through respect and responsibility. Northpoint, gives members of the community another great choice to enrich the lives of our families and make better citizens for our communities.


Community Events

Prescott has many great community events to offer all year round. Whatever your preference may be, Prescott has it all! For the sports enthusiast, Prescott Valley currently houses the Northern Arizona Suns basketball team. With multiple games weekly, the Prescott and Prescott Valley community is always happy to come out and support the team. If you’d rather play sports on your own, the city of Prescott also offers multiple adult sport leagues with different play levels to ensure that everybody and anybody can be part of these community events.  

Just recently opened, the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium also offer an opening to a new fantastic world of exploration. The planetarium, located inside Embry Riddle University, will be hosting community events throughout the year, mostly aimed towards schools and students. The goal is to help students get more involved and expose them to other careers and broaden their opportunities. If you are looking for fun, Prescott Valley also holds the Polar Bear Splash every January, where participants take a plunge into the chili waters of the Mountain Valley Park pool. Or if you’d rather hold the splash, join us for a classical symphony at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center, where you will find a variety of shows and concerts for every style. Whatever your heart desires, Prescott sure has it!


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