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Things to look for in an “ideal” Prescott home

Diane Muchmore of HomeSmart Fine Homes and Land can help you find your ideal home in PrescottYou are ready to go home shopping, but have you ever put thought into the ideal home for you? Diane Muchmore of HomeSmart Fine Homes and Land helps you with ideas for the ideal home in Prescott. There are actual features that will certainly satisfy no matter the size of home or budget you may have.

Below are some of the tried and tested aspects that not only will make your home more enjoyable, but also worth more in the end.

Single level
Stairs may be neat to have, but a single level house is much more sought after for so many reasons. It is cheaper to heat and cool. As people age, single level is the only way to go for obvious reasons. They are easier to care for whether it be repairs, cleaning, painting, etc.

Higher Ceilings
Going for a nine-foot tall ceilings, rather than eight-foot will be well worth it. Even though the square footage may be the same, a nine foot ceiling will dramatically open up the rooms and make them seem much more roomy and even larger. 

Southern Exposure
The benefits of a south-facing home are endless:
 - In winter, you will have more sunlight, thus making the home warmer.
 - More sunlight in the home is desirable for moods and plants
 - Perhaps you are planning solar panels down the road. This will help tremendously.
 - Landscaping with trees on the south side will work great in the summertime.

Patio and outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces are not just fun, but healthy for your family. More time in the sun equals more Vitamin D. Having a nice outdoor space is almost like having another living space at your home, as you will spend many hours outdoors cooking, entertaining, relaxing and enjoying the views. In fact, if you add a patio or deck to your home, you can expect to get back more than 100% of your investment.

Where is the Master Bedroom?
Ideally, you will want your Master bedroom on one end of the house and the kids’ rooms and bathroom(s) on the other. This may not be the most convenient while you have that newborn, but you will thank us down the road for this suggestion.

Storage is very important. Maybe you are not one that needs ample storage, but when you sell, you will want this feature.

These are just a few suggestions. And, there is no perfect house, but the more universal “likes” you can go for, the more valuable your home will be and you will probably also enjoy it more. Of course, we want your home to be unique to your tastes and needs, as well. Diane Muchmore of HomeSmart Fine Homes and Land will help you search for that ideal home in Prescott. If you have questions about Prescott area real estate or you’re in the market for your next home, call Diane Muchmore at 928-925-5113.



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